Hip thrusts and pull throughs gave me nice butt!

After my second pregnancy I had a desire to become one of those fit moms and to feel as healthy and fit as never before! 

Hip thrusts and pull throughs gave me nice butt!

I was never too skinny nor chubby but as every mom after giving a birth I had to start doing something to get rid of that excess after birth fat and slowly build up some condition again. Luckily I have done all kinds of sports throughout my life and have always loved it so to set up new goals and go for a challenge was not a long decision to make!

As soon as my second daughter was born I bought myself a hometrainer to start up with. It went well and I enjoyed it but after a while you do start to miss something. I had a feeling I was not working out hard enough and the progression went very slow. Also you do spend a lot of time with your new born one and around home which makes it easier just to squeeze in some home exercises. But after a couple of months I had an urge to change my training program and to train with people around me and being able to socialize and see progressions of others which is a great motivation too!

I decided to do a circuit training for 1 year which was a nice preparation before taking the next step and move on to the gym for the “real” work outs!!! There I have met Mart with a very strong desire for fitness life, health and goal achievements . He told me about his plans of creating a special work out program for females which you could easily use on your cell phone or tablet. For someone like me who was NOT used to have a training schedule it sounded like a perfect plan to add to my random weekly work outs. So I waited till Smartass training came alive and right away joined as one of the first participants and curiously went through all the video descriptions and cooking recipes.

Mart took his time to fully explain me how to use the whole program which I appreciated since I could not fully understand some dutch words. I got really impressed how easy it was to follow all the steps once I have started and how quick I got into the routine. I saw and tried exercises which I have never done before for my butt and I definitely have plans to keep on doing them. My favorite ones till now has to be the 'pull through' and 'hip thrust' . There are many more great exercises but this one really gives my glutes a nice satisfying pain in the next coming days. Slowly you can build up and add more “kg's” and try to progress.

I can not say these work out tips of Smartass are easy but no pain no gain! I have started the program with a goal to train all my butt muscles and I can see I am gradually achieving that. Having a nice firm bottom is honestly what we all females want! I am also very happy to get some tips for more healthy eating ways which plays a big role afterall and impressed by the whole concept of this Smartass training program that I would recommend to more mothers like me to try out and add to their daily routines. It is about creating time for yourself and gym and see it as a priority for your health and your condition!

Being a mom is not easy but being a fit mom makes it all much easier and once you see the results of your body changing your energy will grow along with it. I personally need a lot of energy for my daughters and joining Smartass has helped me to increase my energy level so I can do and achieve much more!


Wil jij net als Ivana strakke, ronde billen krijgen schrijf je dan nu in voor Smartass! Met resultaatgerichte training en de juiste coaching op voeding en lifestyle zijn je doelen dichterbij dan je denkt :-) Ga naar de Smartass website om meteen te beginnen!